Truth – Corrected affidavit

In affidavit that was presented to me to sign on 10 December 2018. I was not allowed to read it, but was just asked to sign it. I was paid a lot of money to sign the affidavit.

Later I read the affidavit, I became aware of the false and misleading statements that I had signed.

I am writing this statement to revise many of the false and misleading statements I was forced to sign.

I was never a pastor. I regard myself as an evangelist.

I am not ordained.

Rev Kosky was ministering in the black townships and asked me to assist him.

Kelly Kosky has been my mentor and pastor since 1995.

Kelly Kosky never arranged for me to have a job with the SA Navy.

In the affidavit, I said “I can state that I know all the people that have been part of the Gatyana Bible College and other ministry activity under any of the ministries in which Kelly Kosky played a role.” This is not true. In fact, Kelly Kosky started the ministries in 1986 and the Bible College has been open and running since 1999. And I have only met Kelly Kosky, until 10 years later, in 1996 and became a Christian in 1997, so I couldn’t have known the many people in Rev Kosky’s ministries or the Bible College, since I hadn’t even met Rev Kosky or the ministries, until after it had been operating for at least 10 years. So it would be impossible for me to know all the students and staff prior to me arriving at the mission station, or since my departure. In addition, Rev Kelly Kosky is involved with so many ministries it would be impossible to know the thousands of people whom Rev Kosky ministers to.

Rev Kosky has purchased and distributed thousands of Xhosa bibles over his 35 years of ministry to the Xhosa. I personally would not have knowledge of all the bibles he has purchased and distributed.

I do know that Rev Kosky would co-op Xhosa Bible purchases with Joe Borrows of the Baptist mission. I believe that Rev Kosky sends money to Missionary Joe Borrows, and the Baptist mission actually orders the bibles.

In my affidavit, I stated that the Rev & Mrs Kosky supported my new wife and I with $150 per/month, while we attended the Bible College. This is true.

It is true that we do not know who paid the costs of our Bible College studies. But it is because the donors chose to remain anonymous.

In contrast to my affidavit, Rev Kosky ministers all over southern Africa. I actually don’t know where he would be at any given time. I wouldn’t even know which mission station he would be at or if he is ministring across the border, or over-seas. But he works hard and is always on the move.

Rev Kosky has never asked me to make false statements to any visitors.

It is true in the affidavit, where I say that Rev Kosky sponsored most of the outreaches and provided food. This was done so that we would not be a burden to the hosting village.

As stated, it is true that “quite a lot of the local people would attend these outreaches’ thanks to Rev Kosky.

Rev Kosky express his desire to acquire a mission vehicle for me to use, but as yet he hasn’t had the funds to acquire a vehicle for my use. Actually, Rev Kosky never promised me a vehicle, but rather expressed his desire to someday get a vehicle for my use.

In my affidavit it is correctly stated that Rev Kosky was gracious enough to help with my transportation expenses by sponsoring me with R3000 per/month.

In 2013, Rev Kosky had an idea of setting me up in a bible distribution business, where I could earn money selling bibles, and use the small profit to someday purchase a vehicle. Unfortunately, due to the lack of ministry resources, Rev Kosky has been unable to start this bible selling business for me. I do understand his struggles with lack of support and resources.

It is true that at Easter 2018, Rev Kosky showed me a photo of new missionaries (Nathan and family) that were arriving in May. He suggested that I should work with them. But as stated, my wife has a very bad medical condition that required us to travel to Cape Town for medical care. Rev Kosky was kind enough to call me and encourage me to take care of my wife, and not to be concerned about assisting the newly arriving missionaries. I later learned the Nathan has his own reasons for wanting to be isolated and not having anyone from the outside see what he was doing.

It is true that in July 2018, I had a meeting with Rev Kosky and Dr Sebe to notify me “that the mission’s support from the US had been reduced and that the mission could no longer be able to continue to give me the R3000 per month for transportation”. I understood their difficult situation and accepted their decision.

It is true, that in spite of what was decided by the Mission Board, Rev Kosky and his wife decided to personally continue to cover my transportation needs until November at the same rate of R3000 per/month. Kelly and Kathy Kosky were very concerned about me not having funds to cover my transportation. This was very generous of them.

In my affidavit I mentioned that Nathan and his family would never contact me, while they resided in their remote location. I was unsure why they remained so isolated.

After Nathan sent his “confession” of the child molestation issues with his family, to the mission. Nathan asked me to accompany them to different cities in the Eastern Cape, looking for places to live (hide). During this time they offered me money to make favorable statements about them, that would only be used in court, if charges of child molestations might be filed against him. Nathan was confident that their temporary hiding place was safe and no one could find them. In the affidavit, I had to describe them as a wholesome family. As I don’t know the American family culture, I thought that it was odd that they would ask me to attest to the wholesomeness of their family. But I was willing to make whatever statement they asked of me, as long as I was paid.

As stated in my affidavit, I went to the Child’s Court in East London, South Africa with Nathan and his wife and infant child (as the other 5 children had been taken from Nathan for the protection of the children). At this trial, Nathan was trying to once again get possession of his children. Nathan was very concerned that his children would say something that would make him look bad.

As stated in my affidavit, there was another stranger in the court room “whom was seemingly known to the Magistrate”. Nathan suspected that this stranger was either with the US State Dept or the F.B.I.  But this was unconfirmed.

As stated in my affidavit, “The day after attending the Children’s Court. Rev Kosky phoned and asked me about my attendance at Court. I lied to Rev Kosky, and told him that I had not been there.” I sincerely regret lying to Rev Kosky , as he has done so much to help me and the Xhosa people over the years. I now realize that once someone like myself begins to lie, you continue to lie more. As it ended up, the Director of the Children’s Protective Services had identified me, and told Rev Kosky. I am learning that my lies will be revealed.

In my affidavit, it is correct that Rev Kosky did encourage me to contact Child Protection Services and tell them the truth about Nathan. But in spite of what is written in the affidavit, Rev Kosky never put words into my mouth or told me what to say. Whoever wrote the affidavit, seems to have distorted what Rev Kosky had actually told me. Rev Kosky did mention that he hopes that Nathan might leave his vehicle to me. 

In spite of the affidavit using the word bribe; Rev Kosky never bribed me or offered a bribe to me. Over the years, Rev Kosky, would sometimes me financially after I have worked extra hard during an outreach. But I could not honestly refer to this monetary reward as a bribe.

Rev Kosky later confirm to me that in the event that Nathan might leave the vehicle with the mission, than I could use the vehicle for transportation for outreach. Both Rev Kosky and I were excited at the prospect of a vehicle for me to use for outreaches. This was more than Rev Kosky originally expressed. But this would be up to Nathan to decide what he might do with his vehicle, if Nathan were to return to the States.

In the affidavit, it is stated that “I can state that I have no knowledge whatsoever of Nathan putting any of his children in any place for any time, let alone a chicken run or such place.” This correct, as I didn’t know how they lived in their remote location, as I wasn’t there. In fact, I never spent any time with the whole family. I only met with Nathan and his wife, after his five older children were removed for Nathan.

I hope this statement clarifies some of the misleading and false statements that I was asked to sign, in the “affidavit”.

To those who I have hurt by my false statements, I sincerely apologize. Please forgive me.