You Decide.

From the eye witness testimony of missionaries, pastors and businessmen from many countries.

The former Director of Outreach of Kelly Kosky's "Mission" shares the true story: "Kelly Kosky is a faithful servent called by God. African Christian Ministries (formerly Kelly Kosky Ministries) and their "Mission" in the Willowvale, Transkei, South Africa, is a long standing missions organisation in Africa working to reach the lost for Jesus."

By Lawrence Vuyani Titima

2 June 2020

My legal name of Lawrence Vuyani Titima, but most everyone knows me as Bongoza.

I have worked with Rev Kosky for many years. He has been like a father to me and helped me to grow in my faith. Due to a reduction in the mission’s budget in 2018, I was no longer one of the ‘outreach directors’ for the mission. I was disappointed to leave my position.

At approximately the same time in 2018, a new missionary, named Nathan Morin (whom only lasted 4 months) arrived. Soon after Nathan Morin had arrived, he confessed to me and others that he had a child-molestation-issues in his family. He admitted being a sex-addict and was heavily involved in pornography. Nathan actually wrote a ‘letter of confession’ to Rev Kosky on 18 October 2018, explaining in detail, the child-molestation issues in his family, and how he would lock his children in a storage container (and feed them through a small hole), if they misbehaved. Rev Kosky was trying to get Nathan Morin some professional help, but Nathan refused any help. Nathan Morin and his family soon left the mission and were hiding in an undisclosed location.

By law, Rev Kosky (as a ‘mandated reporter’) and the mission’s leadership had to report child-molestation to the authorities (Child Protection Services, the US State Dept, and the F.B.I.). Soon thereafter the governmental authorities found where Nathan Morin and his family were hiding, and by court-order, removed the Morin children for their own protection.

It was at this time that Nathan Morin offered me 30,000 to sign an Affidavit, with many misleading and false statements about Rev Kosky and the mission. But my biggest regret was when, Nathan paid me to say “at all times I have had every reason to believe that the Morin Family was a happy family and all the children were well cared for.” I knew fully well that the Morin family was rift with child-molestation. The children lived in constant fear of the Nathan and Sunny Mae Morin. The children were only allowed to eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches all their lives, every day. The children were malnourished and often were forced to steal food at night.” The children would often cry to me; asking me to help them escape. There was nothing I could do.

Then when Nathan offered me 30,000 to make these false statements of Rev Kosky, the missions, and the Morin family, it broke my heart to have to lie on the Affidavit on December 10, 2018. But I was desperate for the money. So, I signed the false statements.

After several failed legal attempts, the courts upheld the decision to keep the children removed from their parents for the protection of the children. The United State’s government, transported the Morin children back to the US to be put into foster care, for their own protection.

Nathan Morin hired a legal team to reobtain passion of the children. It is my understanding that this is an ongoing investigation.

Nathan Morin, never paid me the 30,000 that he promised to pay me for making the false statements about Rev. Kosky. Nathan Morin said before he would pay me, I also needed to be interviewed on a video before he would give me the 30,000, as promised. Nathan Morin rehearsed all the answers that he wanted me to say. We rehearsed the interview many times. Nathan Morin forced me to make many lies about Rev Kosky and the missions. I felt bad about making all these lies about Rev Kosky, but I needed the money.

When I was finished making Nathan Morin’s video, he still has not paid me the money he promised to pay me to make the false statements.

I don’t know why Nathan and Sunny Mae Morin deleted their names from all documents, and never identified themselves on the website.

It is obvious to me that Nathan Morin had never intended to pay me the money he promised me. Nathan Morin was lying to me, like he lied to so many other people.    

I now have regrets that I allowed Nathan Morin to manipulate me into making all those false statements about Rev. Kosky. I hope that Rev Kosky can find it in his heart to forgive me for allowing Nathan Morin to use me in an attempt to bring down the mission and discredit Rev Kosky.

I, along with the people of the Eastern Cape, love and respect Rev. & Mrs Kosky in all that they have done to help the Xhosa people. Rev Kosky is a hero and a legend among my people. We are very grateful for all that Rev Kosky has done over the decades of serving the Xhosa. I pray that the Lord would bless the Koskys and the missions.

Lawrence Vuyani Titima