After seeing how this ‘failed missionary’ has used my false statement to hurt my mentor and close friend, Kelly Kosky, I now feel I need to make amends and publicly apologize to Rev. Kelly Kosky and to publicly share the truth.

This is about a ‘failed missionary’ who paid me a large sum of money to make false statements about Rev Kelly Kosky.

I will not use the “failed missionary’s” name, as I do not want to do any further harm to anybody. I simply want to openly tell the trust. I will simply call this “failed missionary” by the name “Nathan”.

This story involves CHILD MOLESTATION, government assisted deportation, removal of the “failed missionary’s” children, the F.B.I., South African Child Protection Services, the State Department of the United States State of America, and sexual child molestation.

Where should I start ??? I should probably tell you about myself. I am Xhosa and lived in the large squatter ghetto in Africa. Life was very difficult for me. I, like most of the people in the black townships, would do anything to stay alive. I am embarrassed to say that people who are very poor will often turn to crime and dishonesty to get whatever they can to stay alive.

My wife died of AIDS in 1995. My life was at a very low point. After being without food for over 20 days, I was close to death. It was at this point I remember a preacher name Kelly Kosky, and I went to his house for help. I was close to death at this time. Kelly and his wife took me into their house for several weeks and feed me and gave me clean clothes to wear. They also shared God’s plan of salvation. As we prayed together, I became a Christian. As they nursed me back to health; my life was saved, both physically and Spiritually.

They sponsored me to attend their Bible College. After I graduated, they provided me with housing and supported me to help in the mission’s efforts to plant churches among the Xhosa. I was honored to help Rev Kosky and his great mission. I liked to call myself the ‘outreach director’, when in fact I was simply helping Rev Kosky bring the Word to the remote villages. It was truly an honor to work under this great man of God.

In 2018 a Nate (the ‘failed missionary’) and his wife and small children came from America. They said that they wanted to work with and be discipled under Rev Kelly Kosky. They asked to be placed in a very remote village where no one could find them. The mission allowed them to stay in one of their remote outposts.

It was approximately four months after their arrival, on 14 October 2018 that Nate confessed in writing to Rev Kosky of the child molestation problems that he had with his children. In addition, Nathan had locked one of his children into a secured storage building and feed him through a small hole in the door.

When Rev Kosky was made aware of the child molestation issues that Nathan was having with his children; Rev Kosky was required by law to report this situation to the authorities. The United States Department of State was notified along with the Child Protection Services. Later the F.B.I. was involved. Nathan and his wife appeared in Magistrates Court and the magistrate ordered that Nathans children be removed from his custody and be put into a protected child-care facility. By the court’s order Nathan and his wife given very limited (closely supervised) access to the children, for the safety of the children. At later time the US government safely transported the children (without Nathan and his wife) to the States, where the children were put into foster care. Beyond this I do not know what happened to Nathan or his children.

Soon after the US government safely transported Nathan’s children to the States, Nathan and his wife also moved back to the US.

During this time when Nathan’s children were taken from him, he blamed Rev Kelly Kosky for sharing his “written confession” with the authorities. Nathan was very angry with Rev Kosky and wanted to do anything he could to hurt Rev Kosky and the mission.

It was at this time that he asked me to write a statement about Rev Kosky. He wanted me to falsify the truth and make distorted and misleading statements. At first, I refused, because what he was asking me to say was a lie and not the truth. But then he offered me a lot of money to make these false statements. My new wife was very sick at this time, and needed medical care (and possibly needing surgery) and I desperately needed the money; so I agreed to make slanderous statement about Rev Kelly Kosky and the ministries.

Nathan said my statements would only be used for the court hearing within the magistrate’s court. I didn’t know that Nathan intended to publicly share my statement on the internet in an effort to slander Rev Kosky and portray him as a fraud.

When I became aware of Nathan’s intentions and what he was doing to defame Rev Kosky, I was embarrassed and ashamed.

I asked Nathan to remove me from the website he made. But Nathan refused and would not respond to my further requests. I didn’t have access to Nathan’s website, so there was little I could do, to reverse the damage I had done with my ‘false statements’ about Rev Kosky.

Because of how this failed missionary, Nathan, had deceived me; my life, my reputation, and any ministry I was involved in, is ruined.

And addition, Nathan never gave me the money and vehicle that he promised me.

The molestation issues with Nathan and his family have been exposed and brought to the open, and Nathan is angry.

Nathan has failed in his attempt to be a missionary.

In order to protect the children, they have been removed from Nathan. He is angry.

In his anger, he has used me to target Rev Kelly Kosky

I am making this statement to publicly apologize to Rev Kelly Kosky and the many ministries that he has developed among the Xhosa people.  

Please forgive me for all the harm I have caused.